Corporate Overview Select Committee - Thursday 13 December 2018 10.00am - Surrey County Council Webcasts

Corporate Overview Select Committee
Thursday 13 December 2018 10.00am 









Start of webcast
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  1. Cllr Ken Gulati
2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting: 25 October 2018
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3 Declarations of Interest
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  1. Cllr Keith Witham
  2. Ross Pike
  3. Cllr Ken Gulati
  4. Cllr Keith Witham
  5. Ross Pike
  6. Cllr Ken Gulati
  7. Cllr Ken Gulati
  8. Cllr Tim Evans
  9. Cllr Ken Gulati
4 Questions & Petitions
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  1. Julia Dickinson
  2. Cllr Ken Gulati
  3. Cllr Keith Witham
  4. Julia Dickinson
  5. Cllr Ken Gulati
5 Budget Scrutiny
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  1. Kevin Kilburn
  2. Cllr David Harmer
  3. Cllr Keith Witham
  4. Kevin Kilburn
  5. Cllr Keith Witham
  6. Cllr Keith Witham
  7. Kevin Kilburn
  8. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  9. Kevin Kilburn
  10. Cllr Tim Evans
  11. Kevin Kilburn
  12. Kevin Kilburn
  13. Cllr Tim Evans
  14. Kevin Kilburn
  15. Cllr Tim Evans
  16. Cllr Mr Chris Botten
  17. Cllr David Harmer
  18. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  19. Cllr Ken Gulati
  20. Cllr Mr Chris Botten
  21. Cllr David Harmer
  22. Cllr Mr Chris Botten
  23. Cllr Keith Witham
  24. Kevin Kilburn
  25. Cllr Keith Witham
  26. Cllr Ken Gulati
  27. Cllr Keith Witham
  28. Cllr Ken Gulati
  29. Kevin Kilburn
  30. Cllr Ken Gulati
  31. Cllr Richard Walsh
  32. Cllr Mr Chris Botten
  33. Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton
  34. Cllr Keith Witham
  35. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  36. Cllr David Harmer
  37. Cllr Ken Gulati
  38. Kevin Kilburn
  39. Cllr Richard Walsh
  40. Cllr Ken Gulati
  41. Cllr Tim Evans
  42. Cllr Ken Gulati
  43. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  44. Kevin Kilburn
  45. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  46. Kevin Kilburn
  47. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  48. Cllr Ken Gulati
  49. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  50. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  51. Cllr Richard Walsh
  52. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  53. Cllr David Harmer
  54. Kevin Kilburn
  55. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  56. Kevin Kilburn
  57. Cllr David Harmer
  58. Cllr Ken Gulati
6 Recommendations Tracker and Forward Work Programme
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  1. Cllr David Harmer
  2. Cllr Ken Gulati
  3. Cllr David Harmer
  4. Cllr Richard Walsh
  5. Cllr Ken Gulati
  6. Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
  7. Cllr David Harmer
  8. Ross Pike
  9. Cllr David Harmer
  10. Ross Pike
  11. Cllr Ken Gulati
  12. Cllr Tim Evans
  13. Cllr Ken Gulati
7 Date of the Next Meeting
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  1. Webcast Finished
Photograph of Cllr Mr Chris Botten
Surrey County Councillor
Surrey Opposition Forum
Photograph of Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Guildford SE
Photograph of Cllr Tim Evans
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Lower Sunbury and Halliford
Photograph of Cllr Ken Gulati
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Banstead, Woodmansterne & Chipstead
Photograph of Cllr David Harmer
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Waverley Western Villages
Photograph of Cllr Mr Nick Harrison
Residents' Association and Independent
Photograph of Cllr Richard Walsh
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Laleham & Shepperton
Photograph of Cllr Keith Witham
Surrey County Councillor
Conservative Worplesdon